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it's love

it's love

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Sometimes you need to be pampered in luxury

Turn the lights on :)

Goodnight my love!! I hope you sleep good!! I hope you had a good day and I love you so much... I want you!!!!

Goddess of the Sea

The Modern Duchess: Preview "Maison des Fleurs: Pink Roses"

The Modern Duchess: Preview "Maison des Fleurs: Pink Roses"

Reservations for two

life is a coffee break

Brody and Kacie--Cranberry Inn series by Beth Ehemann || Brody Jenner

very cool

World Map Necklace | Seattle's Travel Shop


jessica janae photography Engagement idea

jessica janae photography

10 Flirty Bathing Suits for Every Body: The A-Cup Club. Boost your boobage with tropical ruffles!

This is why you marry your best friend :)

True Love [Pic] | I Am Bored

Cute engagement pic

Sweet Southern Charm ⚓

Want the white vineyard vines hat!

Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Top in Lilac

Best moment

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 802392 - Style Me Pretty

A Jared and Mina 4th of July Snap Shot: in the spirit of the holiday: Jared sighed as he watched Mina walk up to him. He instinctfully reached out to wrap his arm around her waist. Mina buried her face into his chest, "having fun?" He whispered in a soft husky voice. Mina felt her heart quiver. "Yeah. Are you?" She asked softly, looking up at him through half lidded eyes. He smiled nodding. He looked around, Nan sure knew how to throw a party. He hadn't seen her all night, she was busy playing hoist. And interacting with her guest. Which was just fine for Jared. It meant she wasn't dragging off Mina, which meant he had her all to himself. And didn't have to share her. Mina wrapped her arms around herself, yawning. He laughed at the site, and pulled her closer to him, she happily buried her head into his chest. His heart began to do flip flops, he laughed, "tired?" She nodded sleepily. "Didn't help that you went along with Nan's crazy idea of me and her being base in Chicken earlier." She smiled. "Ah! Come on! You were great! Especially with me sitting on your shoulders." Mina snorted "I was on my tip toes the entire time!" Jared rested his chin on her head. "But we won." Jared said as if that ended the whole thing. Mina smirked, "and did you really have to take Brody down that hard?" Now it was Jared's turn to smirk, he had caught Brody checking out Mina. So when the opportunity came, he gladly shoved Brody into the pool. He didn't know how to respond, but that didn't matter when a flustered Nan came by. "GUYS! Come on! Your going to miss the fireworks!" Nan called running past them, drink in hand. Mina groaned, "carry me." He laughed wrapping his arms around her walking forwards, causing Mina to walk awkwardly backwards. Finally Mina caved and turned around and began to walk away. Jared pulled her back to him, holding her hand. Mina smiled and walked with him. "So is this your first 4th of July with the Grimm's?" She asked shyly, this side of Jared was so rare she didn't know sometimes what to do. Jared thought about it, "well yeah, it wasn't like I was invited to the Grimm family barbecues. And for the longest time your family lived in Germany." Mina nodded, "so what did you do before hand?" Jared shrugged, "nothing really. It was another night for me. Just it's one included a bunch of noisy firecrackers." Mina laughed, "unless I was drunk, then it was idiotic fun-" Mina gave him a pointed stare. "Just kidding! Somewhat," he winked. Mina rolled her eyes. "But really all I had was Ever for the longest time..." Mina inwardly gagged...the thought of them together alone...Meh. That's all she could muster. Meh. "But she hated fireworks, she always wanted to stay home. Which wasn't bad some times," he chuckled, "but eh it got boring." "Is that why your not with her now?" Jared shook his head, "she wanted to be with her family, and they're more boring than a stick in the mud." Mina laughed, "well I'm sorry if this is boring, you didn't have to come." Jared rolled his eyes, "Mina I told you I'm having fun!" He laughed, "I'm right where I want to be." He stopped and pulled her closer, pushing a strand behind her hair, Mina snuggled into his hand. Making his heart skip a beat. Her eyes softly gazing up at him. "This year has honestly been the best Fourth of July that I've had in years..." He whispered. Mina grinned, Jared pushed the urge to grab her by the shoulders and kiss her. Mina bit her lip, driving him even more mad. Jared leaned close into Mina, Mina held her breath. And closed her eyes, when suddenly a loud crack erupted around him, ending in a loud boom! They jumped and looked around. Mina jumped away from Jared. "Jesus that scared me," she laughed. Jared inwardly cursed himself. "Well we should go and catch up with the others.." He said aloud. Mina coughed uncomfortably, "or you know we could watch the show..from right here.." She stammered. Jared grinned, " I would like that, he whispered scooting closer. Mina held her breath, and nodded. As Jared lead Mina to a nearby tree, and leaned up against it, pulling her into him, his arms around her waist. Mina snuggled in his arms, "happy Fourth of July Jared." She whispered. "Happy Fourth of July Mina." He whispered back kissing her head. Written by Madaleine Carrothers

Together is the most beautiful thing

wedding pose

Engagement? Photography | Oregon Film Photographer

Oh the couple pics <3

The kiss...

Country Lyrics

.kisses in the ocean

this is precious