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    Common Core Close Reading Lessons

    A group board for grades K-12. Any lesson that gets kids to slow down, reread, and critically think about what they are reading, whether fiction or nonfiction.

    Common Core Close Reading Lessons

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    All three of my Frankenstein comic books at a 30% discount to buying them separately. Included are 'The Walton Letters', 'Victor’s Story', and 'The Monster’s Story'. They all contain quizzes and other useful resources, and can be printed out in color, black and white, used as a slide show on a computer, or as a PDF on a tablet. They can also be used on a SmartBoard. Fun materials for an introduction to Frankenstein or use at Halloween!

    This comic book has been designed to provide a visual setting for the narrative of 'The Tell Tale Heart' that will help the student come to a better understanding of the storyline by supplementing the literary devices and symbols that Poe used when writing his famous short story. The language used has been slightly adapted and edited to suit the comic format. It can be printed for easy distribution, displayed as a slide show on a computer or used as an eBook on an iPad or other tablet.

    Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade: Quarter 2 Bundle If you liked the Quarter 1 Bundle, you'll love this one! 2 Informational Text, 2 Literary Passages, 2 Poems LOTS of response pages!

    Hands down kid favorite! They LOVE learning about bats and I love how much language and writing I can dig out of them! Super fun mini unit for kindergarten and first grade!!

    Hands down kid favorite! They LOVE learning about bats and I love how much language and writing I can dig out of them! Super fun mini unit for kindergarten and first grade!!

    Making Predictions with Picture Books.

    Lessons and Books for Inferencing and Making Predictions

    Books for Making Inferences and Predictions ~ fantastic texts for teaching kids to "read between the lines" | This Reading Mama

    Daily Halloween Stories Locating Text Evidence Comprehensi

    Close Reading Annotations are REALLY fun when you're talking about Santa's reindeer!!

    What % of Seabirds Have Eaten Plastic? Find out if you guessed right. | Mims House

    Writing inspiration and writing prompts for teachers and students | Darcy Pattison, Children's Book Author |

    The Aliens, Inc. Teachers Guide: CCSS Standards for a Read-for-Pleasure Book |

    Teachers Pay Teachers Blog Post: Best of Close Reading on Teachers Pay Teachers!

    Powerful academic punch with all of this penguin fun! Close Reading, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension!

    EVERYTHING needed to begin close reading! Step by step directions, engaging passages, and lots of writing extensions!!

    2 passages with the same topic, but different main ideas-challenges students to think critically and do some "close reading"-CCSS aligned!

    For each standard in Reading Information and Reading Literature, there are three types of questions:Remember and Understand (Approximate DOK Level 1)Apply and Analyze (Approximate DOK Levels 2-3)Evaluate and Create (Approximate DOK Levels 3-4)For the remaining standards in Writing, Speaking, and Foundational Skills, a variety of teaching and discussion questions are provided.

    Little Bird Kindergarten: Life Cycle of a Chicken

    This editable reading guide covers the first 76 pages of Mark Haddon's novel, which ends at the start of chapter 113. It is four pages of about 70 questions with an answer key.This two-part guide contains 35 questions that are basic plot summary questions that follow the reading in chronological order.

    Gail Gibbons Informational Text Comprehension Using Read Aloud Comprehension bundle- 6 books, 166 pages in this bundle!

    The Hobbit Final Test. A CCSS Common Core aligned close reading test that helps prepare students for SBAC and PARCC assessments. 100 multiple choice questions.


    Romeo and Juliet Final Test. 100 multiple choice questions. Meets ELA CCSS grades 9-12. Emphasizes close reading skills.

    This 80-page unit includes 25 lesson plans and 29 reproducible handouts. Exercises make style analysis accessible for every learner! $