Common Core Close Reading Lessons

A group board for grades K-12. Any lesson that gets kids to slow down, reread, and critically think about what they are reading, whether fiction or nonfiction.

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Common Core Close Reading Lessons

Common Core Close Reading Lessons

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This 80-page unit includes 25 lesson plans and 29 reproducible handouts. Exercises make style analysis accessible for every learner! $

Twenty one page color, and black and white comic book versions of 'The Raven'. Designed to appeal to all ages, this product provides a visual setting for the narrative of the poem that will help the student come to a better understanding the famous work by Poe. A worksheet for students and five pages of teacher notes are also included. The PDF file can be printed, used as a computer slide show or as an e book on tablets.

Do you love the cards for games, practice, literacy centers and more, but can't decide which set to buy? I now have six different sets, so I thought it would be a good time to bundle them together and offer a 30% discount. You will save 30% over buying each of the sets individually.

Teach your students what information to look for while reading, and their comprehension skills will soar!

The second in a series of short animated movies with attached learning materials to provide an introduction to the classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This movie is based on the Letters from Captain Walton section that provides the introduction to the story. It covers a core curriculum need in literature classes to evaluate content presented in diverse media formats including visually and aurally. This product is an engaging way of reaching this standard.

Paired Passages for Struggling Readers. Helping students succeed on state tests with differentiated and scaffolded paired passages.

Main Idea Challenge- One Topic-Two Passages-Different Main Ideas!

Little Bird Kindergarten

The Aliens, Inc. series of four easy-chapter books introduces first, second and third graders to the science fiction genre. These children's books will delight emergent readers. SLJ says, "amusing" and "out of this world" fun. The lesson plans in this teacher's guide feature biographical information on the author and illustrator, writing lessons, close reading lessons and much more. $0.00 FREE Download

Teaching students what information they should be looking for in fiction and nonfiction is the KEY to reading success.

Storms - Hurricanes vs. Tornadoes. Paired nonfiction reading with a Venn Diagram- Hurricanes vs. Tornadoes. Students read about tornadoes and hurricanes, then compare and contrast the characteristics of hurricanes and tornadoes on this basic Venn diagram activity sheet.

William Shakespeare, His Life and Times: Informational Tex

To Dos (and What Not To Dos) | 21 Cool Anchor Charts To Teach Close-Reading Skills

An eleven page comic book to introduce the history of the Hindenburg. It outlines the development and first year of this gigantic airship before describing what happened on the fateful day. Contains a quiz and other useful resources, and can be printed out in black and white, used as a slide show on a computer, or as a PDF on a tablet.

This Reading Guide for Part III of George Orwell's 1984 has over 60 questions with an answer key! Guide your students through the last section of the book without creating more work for yourself. This guide ensures that students read closely and allows them to practice higher level reading skills. By the time we reach Part III, my students are anticipating another thought-provoking guide that allows them to draw and write! Check it out.

Best Selling for 2 years! Close Reading at the beginning of Kindergarten?? YES! Begninners welcome! No Experience necessary! PERFECT for First graders too!


This is the fourth part of my Frankenstein comic book series. A fourteen page graphic novel based on the Monster's Story section of the Frankenstein classic novel.The language has been edited to appeal to learners of ESL/EFL or it can be used as an introduction to younger readers of the Mary Shelley classic or any student who enjoys graphic novels.

The first of my Gothic Horror products. A series of short animated movies with attached PDF learning materials to provide an introduction to classic literature. The first of these is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The movie is five minutes long and contains the story of the genesis of the book and one key scene from the story. I will follow up with more of these if enough interest is shown.

My aim in designing this comic book is to create a visual setting for the narrative of 'The Raven' that will help the student come to a better understanding of the storyline by supplementing the literary devices and symbols that Poe used when writing his famous poem. It can be printed for easy distribution, displayed as a slide show on a computer or used as an eBook on a tablet.

Common Core Reading Response higher order printables for fiction and non-fiction text designed to increase reading comprehension. These response sheets are great for literature groups, guided reading groups, centers, any book, whole group instruction, and practice for the DRA2 test. The main focus of this download is story elements and retelling/summarizing. Kid friendly language related to story elements, genres, connections, author's purpose, and more.


Close Reading (Sample Page) Stop & Chat cards are used for students to discuss the books they are reading. Partner reading/book discussions with a purpose!