Beautiful dark Dapple Grey mare with cute white spots standing in a field of wildflowers at sunset. Very pretty horse and flowers. orlovtrotter: By: Журавлева Ирина


Norwegian Fjord horse with a beautiful mane! Usually their manes are cropped so the dark hairs form a straight line that continues down their backs to their tails, but this looks really pretty all grown out.

Flash's Champagne 'Phantom' as a wee one.

Tennessee Walking Horse X Spotted Saddle Horse X Spotted Mountain Horse foal


Gallery « DAY EVENTER” Horse Jumper Weathervane – Custom weathervanes and Copper Sculpture! Two Unique Horse Weather Vane Designs!

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Spanish-Norman Stallion 'Afortunado Germaniko F' Andalusian Percheron cross- my favorite cross

i freakin' love donkeys! (i blame Eeyore!) Donkeys and mules Learn about www.

Open the side gate and step back slowly. I'll casually walk out and when I say the word, let's run in different directions and I'll meet you on the trail by the Cottonwood Tree.