How to grow strawberries

Follow This Tip In Your Garden & Get A Ton Of Organic Strawberries!

Pinch off runners. In Your Garden & Get A Ton Of Organic Strawberries & Learn A Little Bit About Varieties Of Strawberries In This Post!

Grow carrots in a pot. Clever - really clever.

Container Gardening for Vegetables

No garden? No problem. Grow carrots in flowerpots. How to grow carrots in containers.

Perfect Little Patio

Having a beautiful place to sit or entertain outdoors is so wonderful! Having a beautiful place to sit or entertain outdoors is so wonderful! Having a beautiful place to sit or entertain outdoors is so wonderful!

Free standing fountain in own space.

Pondless Backyard Fountain Pond and Waterfall. Even without the fountain, which in Az will grow algae like nobody's business, I think the idea of softening up the patio with a little rock garden with plants mixed in.

Concrete balls in the garden...

Can use the "moss paint" idea in my gardening album to "grow" the concrete balls.) Concrete balls nestled in shade garden.

succulent container garden

I need to do this with our old bird bath!- Succulent container gardens can transform bland outdoor spaces into inviting living areas. In turn, the plants benefit from warmth radiated by your home’s walls and hardscape and require little water or upkeep.

Shade Garden ideas

Backyard Retreat Ideas - Some of My Favorites - From Around the Net

Over the top garden path

Beautiful verdant pattern in stone walkway - so pretty! What pattern to choose.

How To: Make a One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden by apartmenttherapy #Herbs #Garden #apartmenttherapy

How To: Make a One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden

How To: Make a One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden:: Fortunately its not difficult to grow these herbs indoorseven in a tiny kitchen.] One big pot, some potting soil, and a few herb plants are all you need. You should also have a sunny spot

Purple and lime green

Heliotrope and creeping jenny in pot. Haven't tried these together, but use creeping jenny in my pots and window boxes every year. My favorite color combination for my gardens is deep purple, vibrant pink and bright yellow.

glow in the dark stepping stones - do with paw prints

DIY Stepping-Stones Illuminate your backyard with these easy glow-in-the-dark stepping-stones. Here’s a nifty idea that’s both affordable and virtually foolproof. With some concrete and a little glow-in-the-dark paint, you can have an illuminated pathway

5 tips for getting a start on next year’s garden  #homesfornature

5 Tips for Getting a Start on Next Year’s Garden from the Herbal Academy of New England. Take advantage of the beautiful weather in fall, so you don't have to rush around in spring.

^. .^

Cat in the hat? Oh, I mean in the birdhouse! "How to Build a Bird House, looks like Posie's house" -- I feel like.this is beautiful, but there's a huge, fundamental flaw that may inhibit birds' use of this birdhouse.

Tips to Attract Birds - How to layout your garden plan to attract birds to it.  from 'Better Homes and Gardens' Magazine

Secrets to Bird-Hosting

Attracting Songbirds to Your Garden Use these 10 ideas to help you attract songbirds to the garden. By Kelly Roberson

Blue pot with chartreuse.

Beautiful colors, nice container and heat tolerant plants that can be found at Lowe's. I love this arrangement