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The One Hour Difference. TeamMates is a school-based, one-to-one mentoring program located in NE, IA, and CA which currently serves over 5,000 youth.
TeamMates Mentoring
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Tips for Preparing for Match Closure

How to Survive in the Century: 5 Mantras to Ease the Loss of a Friendship. The Good Men Project’s series How to Survive in the Century, delivers survival-mode insight on accepting life-changing circumstances, and gives you the road map to your new normal.

{How we make books part of our day, every day}

Factors that Affect Reading Development: Simple ways to encourage a love of books and make reading a part of every day. How do you encourage a love of reading in your children?

Measure and figure Pi  yourself

Measure and figure Pi yourself

Digits of Pi necklace

Pi: make a pi necklace (I'd use the resistor code colors for the bead colors for an additional science lesson)

Pi Day Sudoku

In honor of Pi Day, Brainfreeze Puzzles (“we turn coffee into puzzles”) created a Pi Day Sudoku on a grid. The rules are a little different from standard Sudoku, in part because the blocks ar…

Cat in the Hat Pasta Clothespin

March is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and, to celebrate, we found this awesome clothespin/pasta Cat in the Hat craft from Sarah Butler! A stroke of snow day genius, there are so many things you can do with this craft…