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BEST KID PIN EVER! 100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play. this is a GREAT site. i need to visit a dollar tree :)

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center bucket 5 gallon paint bucket and a "bucket jockey" from the tool section. $7 bucket jockey + $3 bucket! Best idea I've seen yet

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Christmas tree picture tutorial - Turn off all the lights, put ISO up high (mine was 2000), low aperture (mine was 2.8), and my shutter speed was 1/100 to avoid camera shake.

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How to dye eggs with shaving cream, Shaving Cream SWIRL eggs, Easter Eggs, #Easter, How to make swirled easter eggs

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Favorite Books to Read Aloud to Your Kids

Cool project from Yummy Polymer Gummies

47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

Use a small cookie cutter to core the center of apple slices. | 47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters