— Let's Take A break, MooHyun Park

— The Old Dragon God by JJcanvas on deviantART

— Rocks Of Light by SnowSkadi

— MUMMY by totmoartsstudio2

— Dothraki , Salena Barnes on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zzy2D

-- Horus 2.0 by Morgan Yon

— Undead Giant concept art by Christian Bravery aka The Brave

Apprentice Sorcerer - Applibot by Yohann Schepacz OXAN STUDIO

— The Way Of Kings Kaladin by zippo514

— by Alexander Nanitchkov

— Concept art-Speed painting, Il su Ko on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/concept-art-speed-painting

— ArtStation - Female Outlaw, Halil Ural

— Past and Present by JanainaArt*

— The Maid of Orleans by Daniel Kamarudin

— Yusuf Tazim in Ishak Pasha armor by sunsetagain

— Throne of Glass by Fetsch

— Essence of Dreams by T00xicpanda

— Kerem Beyit

— Photo by Omar Photos, retouched by Dmitry Belyakov

— Red eyes by Tsabo6

— Art by Felipe Escobar

— Cool Concept Art by Saryth

— .:The Squire:. by EVentrue on deviantART

— concept art by tranquillo

— Concept Art by Xiao Botong