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"The demon I fear most does not come from faith. Neither material nor man may claim the source. That which haunts me stems from within; a source from which there is no escape." (Trini Schultz Photography)

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"For all smoke and tar may charm the demons to a gentle lull, there are those days when to outrun their terrible wailing is all that is left to me."

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"We all make choices in lives that we wish we did not lead. Who truly is content with that which they've been forced to suffer with? ...Who in this world does not suffer?"

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"There are places in London where one's face matters less than the contents of one's purse. Where one may stumble upon a familiar smile, a recognizable greeting; only to spend the following day asking one's self, 'Was it all a dream?'." (smokey room by katerina sokova)



"That all things must happen for reasons beyond our understanding is the one truth that will trump the bounds of science. To this, we who suffer must cling." (i.Anton)

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"How can anyone be so blind as to favor the anchor of the dead over the flesh and blood of the living? I fear I shall never understand." (Anchor by Summit Studios)

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"The things that haunt me do not fade by day. ... Would that it did. Would that I could forget the things I have done." (by Mecuro B Cotto)



"Ikenna Osoba, lion prince of far-off Africa; one of the many draws to the Midnight Menagerie's circus attraction. Royalty or not, His Highness greets each day by looking into the mouths of lions. Not a man I would be willing to cross lightly." (African Portrait by Mario Gerth)

African Portraits by Mario Gerth


"Mr. Oliver Ashmore is younger in appearance than I would have thought him; yet there is an ageless quality to his visage that I find off-putting, to say the least. His bold red hair does nothing to soften the visceral impact of what seems to be a thousand years of knowledge. Ah, to be so worldly..." (Simon Woods)

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"Whispers speak of alchemy as the thinking man's art; a final, desperate reach for the key to immortality or unending wealth. The truth, I fear, could be so much less... And so very much more."

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"All I could do was hope that no one knew it was I behind the mask; and failing that, that they did not look up to see what I would do next."

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"What is it they say? Seven years' bad luck? I'll feel lucky to survive even one..."

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"The country differs from Town in many ways, but the most welcome doubles as the most dangerous: there are fewer eyes along the roads, and fewer ears to hear one cry for help." (Autumn in The Netherlands)



"Beware the roses whose hearts shine white as snow. No matter how pure, blood will always overcome."

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"Somewhere in the country, I own a property as empty as it is mysterious. I don't believe I shall ever go... Not as long as I can avoid it."

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"There is no lock made that does not have a key. Even for those who scoff that such a duality exists."

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"There are days that seem to drag on for an eternity... Yet when I sleep, I remain fixed at the fork in a single path. Where should I cast my gaze? To whom should my salvation belong, if not me?" (Elude by babsartcreations.deviantart.com)

Elude by babsartcreations on deviantART


"Hawke has threatened me with the auction rings many times. I wonder... For how much could he stand to see me go?"

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"There are those in the Menagerie who dance. And then there are those who do nothing so mundane—they tempt and they fascinate; every move, every curve, every sinuous gesture a captivating tale woven with skin and ink and limbs. Of them, I am most envious." (Photographer: Nadya Lev)

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"I have great respect for the midnight sweets. With that respect comes a healthy wariness." (the masks of Vincent Cantillon via gothicbeauty.com)

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"'What does it do?' I asked, studying the curious creature occupying his desk. 'Do?' he laughed. 'It sits there, Miss St. Croix. Don't be ridiculous.'" (Steampunk Sculptures by Michihiro)

Steampunk Sculptures by Michihiro Matsuoka


"The Karakash Veil claims many servants. From the subtle to the sublime; each his—or her—own talent, a tool for the using. I am not the Veil's only unfashionably dangerous female, of this I am sure."

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"Lady Rutledge's masquerade is the talk of the Season, for all it becomes the last soiree of it. Never shall you find more classes mingling, under guise of mask and a certain refined decadence. Even the Menagerie does not share the same lack of boundary, though it bypasses the hedonistic flavor of the event by far."

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"'What draws you to murder?" he'd asked, and I had no answer then. Perhaps, as I look back upon it, I should have said, 'The inevitability of my own.'" (photo: farewell | photographer: Jarosław Datta)

photo: farewell | photographer: Jarosław Datta | WWW.PHOTODOM.COM