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The Adventures of Gar: NASA vs NASCAR! Most Epic indeed! Lego Comics Brilliant!

The Webcomic


Remixing Shakespeare: A Host of Ideas for Student Projects

Remixing Shakespeare


Using Thinglink to Illustrate Idioms

Using ThingLink for Idioms


App Smashing Epic Citadel and Book Creator: http://www.ipadeducators.com/#!FEATURE-Return-to-the-Citadel/cy7v/5617fb0c0cf2a7ff73aa859c

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App Smashing Padlet and Epic Citadel: http://www.ipadeducators.com/#!FEATURE-Return-to-the-Citadel/cy7v/5617fb0c0cf2a7ff73aa859c

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Mr P's ICT blog - Tech to raise standards!: Using Back to the Future to Start our Next Topic!

Mr P's ICT blog - Tech to raise standards!: Using Back to the Future to Start our Next Topic!


Simply Brilliant! Free Images of Boy and Girl Scientists to be used in conjunction with Explain Everything or Book Creator!

iPad Monthly | professional development | teachers | ipads | resource


Fantastic Graphic and Topic!: Why write for your teacher when you can publish for the world?

Why write for your teacher when you can publish for the world? - Cooper on Curriculum


Love what you can do with the iPad Pencil AND the updated NOTES app!

How to Use the Apple Pencil with iPad Pro's Notes App


Bullying stops here is a lesson to help students, ages 12-14, take an active role in bringing awareness to a prevalent issue. Students launch an interactive campaign by researching a specific type of bullying (i.e. cyber, physical, social). They then develop a slogan, poster & video in groups & use the Aurasma app to share these videos. They take a photo of their poster which is then used as a trigger image. The overlay is the video they've recorded. More lessons here: http://apple.co/Aurasm...

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Students love new technology but need guidance in using it effectively. You can help by discovering and modeling the apps themselves, project delivery, and workflow.

Students Need PD, Too


Kathy Schrock's Guide to Sketchnoting in the Classroom is most epic indeed! http://www.schrockguide.net/sketchnoting.html

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Totally Stellar Getting Started Teaching with iPads guides for HS and Higher Ed... via iTunes U!: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewMultiRoom?cc=us&fcId=1003458399&mt=10

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Fantastic Getting Started Teaching with iPads Guides for Teachers (all iTunes U courses): https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewMultiRoom?cc=us&fcId=1003458399&mt=10

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Most Clever and Creative Use of Keynote thus Far! I simply LOVE April Requard!

The Key(note) to Storytelling by April Requard on iBooks


Creating A Digital Tattoo with the SketchbookX app

Creating A Digital Tattoo with the SketchbookX app | Technology from SCS Elementary


Slide Design Hacks FOR Students... and Beyond!

Slide Design Hacks for Secondary Students


How To Planning & Writing Pages: App Smash these With Doc Scan and Adobe Voice for Process Writing!

How To Writing


App Smashing How To Stories - A Publishing Menu

How To Writing: App Smashing With A Publishing Menu


App Smashing Book Creator and Explain Everything...

Hand-drawn animations in Explain Everything - published with Book Creator - Book Creator app | Blog


20+ Examples of How Pinterest Can Be Used in the Classroom: https://www.pinterest.com/cjbuckybeaver/piccollage-in-the-classroom/

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Free Book: Learning Materials for Mobile Devices by Kurt Klynen

Robot Check


Phonics Strategies for Young Learners Using the iPad...

Phonics Strategies for Young Learners Using the iPad


The Secrets of Slide Design for Students (Infographic)

The Secrets of Slide Design FOR Students (and Beyond)


App Smashing @bookcreator and @explainevrythng! Love this!!!

Explain Everything & Book Creator part 3