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TechChef's Wicked Good Picks

Wicked Good Integration and Professional Development Ideas from Educators!

TechChef's Wicked Good Picks

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A Step by Step Guide to Using Trello for Team Retrospectives: This would be so great as an End of Year Reflection or Student Group Project Feedback! I love the 4 categories: Went Well, Needs to Change, Questions & Discussion, and Action Items!

A Step by Step Guide to Using Trello for Team Retrospectives

Every Teacher and Ed Tech Blogger should have a "Go To Tools" Resource Guide on their Blog! Love this! (Note: This Example is a Social Media Expert Resource Guide but you get the idea)...

The Quick & Dirty List Of Tools, Apps And Software I Use To Run My Business Like A Boss!

Social Media Cocktail: LOVE the design of this graphic (plan on adapting this idea for my own purposes...)

The perfect mixture for effective social media (Infographic)

Why Ugly Handouts Are Bad For Teachers (and everyone else_

Why Ugly Handouts Are Bad for Teachers (and everyone else)

I'm pretty sure I could find a way to spin this to be an educational lesson - too fun!

Brutally Honest ‘Misfortune Cookies’ Are A Funny Twist On Fortune Cookies

SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS for the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM! They could do banners and graphics in Canva too and even tutorials in Explain Everything to post! This is most ingenious! LOVE! LOVE!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this iPad App Guru Graphic! There are lots of similarities between ipad apps - the way they save, share and work with files is often the same. Another similarity is the common use of ipad icons. Once you have mastered one app... (Wonder if we can turn this in to a Bingo game :/ )

Mastering Ipad Apps

Love, Love, Love this idea... I think I could even use Snapguide​,​, or Haiku Deck​ to achieve it... Many times people don't know what an Ed Tech or an Instructional Partner does... so sharing it in this format is really informative. And the process of reflection could be enlightening and beneficial. -

Ms. Houser

TOUCH this image: "Match My Graph" Desmos Mini-Challenges by Michael Fenton by MathyCathy LOVE THIS!

"Match My Graph" Desmos Mini-Challenges by Michael Fenton by MathyCathy

25 of My Favorite Googly Things!!! This is most epic indeed - Love that this was designed as a Sketch Note and then Thinglinked! #TotalWin

25 of My Favourite Googly Things by Sylvia Duckworth

"Slide to Unlock If you Agree" - Put iPad Rules on the Lock Screen! #brilliant

5 ways to utilize iPad backgrounds & lockscreens

Simply Brilliant! Never would I have thought to App Smash Canva and Green Screen Doink app to create an Infovid! Well Done Paul Hamilton! Well Done indeed!

infovid tutorial
  • Naomi Harm
    Naomi Harm

    This is taking digital media to a whole new level to allow for high creativity, to show what they know, and explain their reasoning to a global audience. This is fantastic!

  • TechChef4u

    I know! This was so good - it takes infographics to a whole new level!!!

I never would have thought of app-smashing Canva and Blippar to create Augmented Reality Triggers for sing-alongs, book recommendations, and interactive library book bin labels. Such a Clever Idea!

Creating Augmented Reality Triggers with Canva

30+ Awesome Ideas and Educational Inspirations:

Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Middle School Math - Love this Infographic and Simplicity of the Idea

Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Middle School Math

Design Thinking with iPads! Love this!!!

Design Thinking with iPads

Hokey as this may seem - I think this would be great for goal-setting for educators and students alike - wonder if I could create one of these with Canva :/

Create A Vision Board This Year

I am totally adapting this for my professional development purposes - Links and Lattes - resources and coffee - what could be better?!

Links and Lattes | Language Arts Classroom

What a fantastic and clever infographic flowchart from Jennifer Flood for graphically explaining who to contact when things don't work: magic.piktochart....

No more BORING seatwork with the Decide Now app!

Fantastic Tackk from Jennifer Flood focusing on Finding Fair Use Photos: Love that she included a Kahoot to be used in conjunction with the resource - I am totally "stealing" this idea! ;)

10 Super Geeky Tips for the New Year from the Daring Librarian: Not only do I love her comics and graphics - these tips are Wicked Good too!! www.thedaringlibr...