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Sunrise Calendar: Get your semester organized with the Sunrise Calendar app, which recently made its way to the web and Android. Sunrise focuses on design first and syncs with different services like Google Calendar and also lets you connect other apps like Evernote to it.

Google Drive: Google Drive starts you out with 15 GB of free storage and lets you upload anything — from recordings and pictures to documents and videos. The app is available for iOS and Android. Drive also hosts Docs, Slides and Sheets, which lets you create documents and collaborate with a group of people.

Evernote and Google Keep: Evernote, one of the most popular note-taking apps that lets you sync your notes to all your devices, has a ton of features such as saving tweets, emailing notes, uploading pictures and creating to-do lists. If you want a more bare-bones notes app, Google Keep is a good Android or web alternative that’s fast and has features such as voice notes that convert the audio to text and a great widget.

Cogi – Notes and Voice Recorder: Cogi is a neat recording app that can help you focus on what’s being said in a lecture, rather than worrying about taking notes. The iOS and Android app works by keeping the audio buffered, and when something important is said, the user taps the highlighted button and Cogi backs up to capture and save what was just said. You can add images, text and notes to recordings.

Duolingo: For all you language learners, Duolingo is a cross-platform language learning tool that helps you study by translating sites on the web. The iOS and Android apps gamifies learning a new language by providing reading, writing and speaking challenges.

Mint: Instead of surviving off of ramen noodles, track your finances and save some money with Mint, a personal financial management tool. Mint is great for seeing where your money is going and budgeting so that you can save. It also provides bill reminders and gives advice on how to budget.

Sleep Cycle: All-nighters may work in a pinch but sleep helps you improve your grades. Sleep Cycle is an iOS and Android app that uses the accelerometer in your phone to monitor your movement to measure what sleep cycle you are in, and it wakes you when you’re in the lightest sleep phase.

Marvin: Marvin is an eBook reader for iOS with tons of customization options to help you read the way you want. It has hundreds of features such as annotating all content, can integrate with other apps like Google Maps and IMDb and integrates with the offline dictionary in your device. For Android, Google Play Books is a good alternative that lets you upload your own PDFs to read that you can access on multiple devices.

Dragon Dictation: Dragon Dictation is an iOS and Android app that provides an easy-to-use voice recognition platform for you to dictate notes, emails, text messages and more. It also features an attentive mode, meaning you can dictate orders even when the phone is locked.

i forgot my phone: short film and a lesson plan

I love the way this hype app just caught everyone surprised by it simplicity. And the amount of money someone paid to acquire it. And the colorful of it!

Hands On With Yo, The Absurdly Simple Messaging App | TechCrunch

Why A Stupid App Like Yo May Have Billion-Dollar Platform Potential

Yo | TechCrunch

Telefonundan, yaklaşık 3 dakikada Instagram fotoğraflarını Polaroid tarzı Polagram'lara bastırabilirsin. Fotoğraf bastırmanın uygulamalar arasında geçiş yapmak kadar kolay olması gerektiğini düşünüyoruz. #polagram #polaroid #hipsta #retro #eskiyeni

The "aclock" e-ink clock - shake to snooze, works with an iPhone app, and the display is motion-sensitive. No more angry, glaring phone alarms waking you up!

Women Safety Apps

Mingleton Is Tinder For Strangers In The Room With You | TechCrunch

Antisocial apps like Split are surfacing to help keep you incognito (in real life)

#Flappy Bird will Return #app

Yes, Flappy Bird Will Return To The App Store | TechCrunch

#ExApple Engineer Launches #Moov, The Next Generation Of #Wearable #Fitness Tracking : via @TechCrunch

Facebook Tests Mobile “Highlights”, A Cheat Sheet To Your Friends’ Lives | SoshiTech – Social Media Technology –

Yik Yak Is An Anonymous Messaging App Aimed At College Campuses | TechCrunch

How One Scammer Manipulated Apple’s Top Charts To Earn Tens Of Thousands Daily Using A $10 GameSalad Template -

Kidizen Lets Parents Buy & Sell Kids’ “Pre-Loved” Clothing And Other Items Via Their iPhones -

Instapainting Turns Your Photos Into Hand-Painted Oil Paintings On The Cheap | TechCrunch

Rise, The diet app that helps loose weight (And Keep It Off During The Holidays) - Paid service (still beta) - Human (health) coaches - Food-tracking based on taking photos + basic description "Part of the change was just pure education and causing me to re-think how I ate, but part of it also came from the accountability of knowing that I’d have to share each meal with my diet coach Kim."