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Why Israel is a Startup Nation

Dubbed as The Startup Nation, Israel outweighs the United States in venture capital investment per person, totaling $ 170 per person compared to $ 70 per person in the US. Not too bad for a country that was established 65 years ago. More:


12 Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye It’s Sunday and we are back to bring you a compilation of startups in the region. Remember, for startup tips and story suggestions, feel free to email us.


Startup Weekend Is Coming to Jakarta in 2 Weeks Time

Right now is as good time as any to start your own tech company in Indonesia.


Why Copying Is Fucking Awesome And Innovation Is Truly Overrated Frankly, when I hear that one startup has copied another startup, I really don’t care (give me the numbers, show me the traction).


Tencent to Open Malaysia Office: Good News for Malaysian Startups? The overseas expansion of Chinese tech giant Tencent continues, following along with the success of its mobile chat app WeChat outside China’s borders (it now has 50 million overseas users). Today, the Malay Mail has reported (h/t TheNextWeb) that Tencent will soon open a branch office in Malaysia.


HaiVL: Vietnam’s Funniest Website Gets 2 Million Hits Per Day After Just 1 Year HaiVL is one of my absolute favorite startups in Vietnam, because they’ve cracked a content problem. In just one year, with one developer, the site has achieved two million unique visits per day, which could mean anywhere from 30 to 60 million per month. That’s impressive for a team of just 5 people.

1 Silicon Valley-based Accelerator 500 Startups has released the list of its Batch 6 startups, and it’s Asia-tastic.


An Inside Look at Grupara, One of Indonesia’s Youngest and Most Active VCs Grupara is arguably one of the most active VCs in Indonesia this year. This year the company has announced investment in two startups: and Lolabox, and Aryo told me that they still have plans up their sleeves for this year. So what kind of startups is Aryo looking at?

This startup combats ewaste in Indonesia by selling refurbished gadgets

Meet 199Jobs, the Philippines’ answer to Fiverr