India / TechnoSchools is a Online web software for storing the complete School students information online . It is useful for schools and educational institutions.
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Checkout #technoschools fee management system, it automates educational institutions such as checking exams results, fee collections, planning of class schedules and so on. Simply we describe that, entire school system has been automated. For more details visit

Today technology is playing pivotal role in all educational institutions.We developed school management software, #Technoschools can be used by the schools to support online courses, progress reports, fee management, attendance and so on. For more details visit

Students information system can be possible on technoschools software.

Parents can come to know about their children's information through school management software.

Students can make their life easier at the cost of technoschools

Technoschool has an interface to help students to view their information such as admission, attendance, progress report and so on.

Technoschools offer examination system for your schools to perform well.

Techno Schools is providing online information for students to avail all sorts of school information.