can i sleep heeeerrreee!

More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (36 photos)

A dusty blue wall color and sheer white curtains make this bedroom absolutely dreamy and romantic. The wood beam ceiling add so much natural texture and color that it makes a perfect accent against the very simple furnishings.

I'm in love! a ruffled burlap tablecloth!

Ruffled burlap tablecloth

I sat outside on my patio one day with a bunch of burlap and started sewing. One ruffle, two ruffles, three ruffles and a big old ruffled burlap tablecloth…

Cottage cottage-ideas

I love the idea of using a spot under the stairs as a reading retreat. Lots of pillows, a blankie, good book and I’ll be z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z…. cozy spot under the stairs for a nap or reading

Magic trees

The Dark Hedges: County Antrim Northern Ireland 10 real places that look like they belong in fairy tales