dress, apparently its easy to sew: It's just 4 rectangles. Measure shoulder to hem length, then girth at widest part (hips?) and divide by 4. Add seam allowance. Sew allowing for neckline, arm holes. No pattern needed. 1/2 hour, max!

so easy to sew: 4 rectangles -- measure shoulder to hem length, then girth at widest part (hips?) and divide by 4 -- add seam allowance -- sew allowing for neckline, arm holes -- no pattern needed

DIY Tutorial: Sewing Pouch

DIY pouch sewing tutorials: The clutch and zip pouches to organize and the flex frame because it's neat. Perfect for all those cuts of scrap fabric laying around!

Teach Yourself to Sew - Tutorial List

Teach Yourself to Sew - Tutorial List. Fabulous collection of all the tips for which a new sewer could ask! Or refresher for people who have not sew in a long time

DIY Tutorial: Bean Bags

Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chair

DIY floor poufs using inexpensive THREE DOLLAR ikea rugs!!

West Elm Pouf "knock off" tutorial from 3 IKEA floor mats, a zipper and bean bag filler

60 baby shower gift ideas that you can make.  And she includes all the patterns and tutorials!

This is so cool. There are 60 baby shower gift ideas here that you can make. And she includes all the patterns and tutorials! A crafters dream! Some of these ideas are just so clever. Easy, easy, easy tutu idea for a little girl.

Dress Tutorial

Midsummer Maxi dress - free tutorial link, so cute for summer

Chevron quilt. Really easy block pattern, though I've seen a lot of unnecessarily difficult blocks that achieve the same effect. (Update: http://pinterest.com/pin/221380137905664038/)

Zig Zag Chevron Quilt by Sew It Pretty. Love the blue and white

Combine strips from your jelly roll to make an impressive braided design that will look great in so many places. A jelly roll quilt pattern like this can be a table runner, a throw, or more depending on size.

Nestwicker French Braid Quilt Tutorial from Golden Gate Quilts

Beginners quilting how-to. tHe fiCkLe piCkLe

instructions for the first time quilt maker.

More ideas
diy home sweet home: DIY Wardrobe - Day 4: KIDS WEAR

From high water pants to super cute skirt! Good use for the jeans they are too tall for, but still fit in the waist! Or jeans with holes in the knees.if only it would be this cute for Hank

DIY onesies. THIS WHOLE BLOG IS AMAZING! Want to make all of it.

DIY onesies, ideas - cute idea for baby shower.

Mrs. W's Life on a Budget: DIY Bean Bag Cushions. Love the way she explains it.

DIY: Bean bag Cube or Pouf-I wonder if my Mommy could make a bunch.perfect for nights when students or family come over.

Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog: Beginning Quilting Series

Beginning Quilting Series

Onesie appliques and templates......MOM!!!!! here is a website with directions on how to do this I really need you to teach me how to use a sewing machine.....or you could just make me some of these :)

Adorable DIY appliqued onesies with tutorial and free templates! Cute idea to add applique idea to a canvas, and hang as art work in baby's bedroom!

Part 5 in the Beginning Quilting Series Piecing is the part of the quilt-making process where you sew the pieces of the patchwork together. With a pattern of simple squares we are mainly playing with the fabric design to get the look that we want. There are lots of options here: alternating lights and darks, diagonal rows by colors, etc. There’s no right or wrong – just personal preferences. For this project I chose to go ‘scrappy’ – meaning there’s no rhyme or reason to how I laid it out…

Piecing a Quilt 101 and adding a Zinger Fabric

bear/doll carriers

I don't have a baby girl anymore, but this this doll of a baby girl was so cute I had to pin this. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS! DIY This baby doll carrier pattern is adorable--what little girl wouldn't love one? This little girl is an angel, so sweet!

2 layer pillowcase dress. Take it up a notch! :)

Sewing Tutorials {SEW cute}


DIY Fashion Hacks – Straight from the Runways! Part II

Quilting for Beginners {Quilting 101} a few steps in here that I always seem to forget.

Quilting for Beginners {Quilting is a beginners guide to quilting. A great tutorial to get you starting with this fun hobby! You'll learn the basics and how to put them together to make a lovely little quilt!View This Tutorial