Salt Painting - This is such a cool project! I love that it only uses a few materials and it looks so fun!

This firework salt painting art project is the perfect art activity to do with your kids this summer! It uses salt to create a cool effect.

If you've never decoupaged before or just have some questions, use this resource to learn how to Mod Podge. Includes FAQs, videos, how-tos and more!

Learn how to Mod Podge

Cute idea for Mason jar vases!!! They come out with the color so you can see through the jar!

DIY tinted mini mason jars - using Mod Podge in Gloss. Mix mod podge with food coloring/water mixture first, then pour into jars.

Science for Kids: Crystal Suncatcher Craft | Make these using epsom salts and water!

Suncatchers made from crystals!

This Mod Podge formula guide explains all of the different Mod Podge formulas and how to use them. Completely updated with all of the new formulas for 2015!

Mod Podge formula guide

How to decoupage - the 7 steps to perfect Mod Podging - Mod Podge Rocks

Arm Knitting Infinity Scarf (DIY video) - by All Day Chic -- The Kurtz Corner --

Arm Knitting 30 Minutes Infinity Scarf - DIY

Tiny Rotten Peanuts | Zentangle Patterns and Starter Pages |

Inspired By Zentangle Patterns and Starter Pages

Make Stunning Nail Polish Jewelry in 3 Simple Steps

Make Stunning Nail Polish Jewelry in 3 Simple Steps

This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to make your own statement nail polish jewelry!

Teech Tech Week? How to Make a Flashlight from an Altoids Tin -teen or adult program

What Can you Make out of an Altoids Tin

DIY Necklace holder

DIY: Raw Crystal Necklace Display

HOW TO: Make a Boyfriend Pillow

DIY Easy Glee Boyfriend Pillow from i love to create here. This is no sew and so easy with a short video tutorial.