Quilting Patterns

130 Pins
a close up view of a quilted piece of fabric with the words birmingham on it
Boy Scout of America 🇺🇸 quilting pattern
the back end of a bench with an animal design on it's seat cover
Horse 🐎 Equestrian quilting pattern
two quilts are laying on the floor next to each other, one is brown and white
Sasquatch with Leaves quilting and pine cone fabric on the back of the quilt
red and black quilted material with heart shapes on the bottom, along with an image of a woman's face
Quilting on “Mirage” Cuddle fabric
a pink piece of cloth with a hole in the middle and an empty patch at the end
Awareness Ribbon 🎗 quilting pattern
an aerial view of the surface of a bed with fluffy white fur on it's edges
Mittens Quilting Pattern on Cuddle Hide
Shoes, Jackets, Running, Marine, Ocean Drive
Running 🏃‍♀️ shoe 👟 quilting pattern
the back side of a mattress with an emblem on it
Vintage ✈️ Airplanes quilting pattern
a woman is holding up a quilt on the wall
Lighthouse quilting pattern
the quilts are made to look like they have patches on them
12 Shirt Gallery Style T-Shirt Quilt ✈️
Retirement Gift for an Air Traffic Controller with Vintage Planes Quilting Pattern
Unraveled quilting pattern
a close up view of an area rug that has been made to look like something out of
Shirt Off Your Back Quilts
a pink quilt with musical notes on it
Shirt Off Your Back Quilts
Music 🎵 notes quilting pattern
a close up view of a quilt on a bed with blue and white designs in it
Snowflake ❄️ Quilting Pattern