Andeh Pinkard

Andeh Pinkard
WHITTIER, Ca / Teh Andeh Has been drawing webcomics in his time(endstrike, shameless,ploth4x, rogue saga, mega maiden, the goddamn panty brigade.+more) for nearly two decades!
Andeh Pinkard
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Kira Pose (cel-shaded) by luigiix

Commission Art by luigiix Kira Pose (cel-shaded)

ArtStation - Cybernetic Neon Army, Roberto Esparza cyberpunk neon hooded snyper soldier concept art character design art inspiration ideas

Cyberpunk android robotic cyborg sniper soldier hooded assassin fighter thief man face, in futuristic cyberpunk fashion costume scifi tech outfit, concept art male character design matte painting illustration artwork, dark, blade runner inspired purple ne

Kill la kill

gamagoori ira, inumuta houka, jakuzure nonon, junketsu, and kiryuuin satsuki (kill la kill) drawn by mask alice - Danbooru