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Schwarze Wand, weiße Wand, warme Decke und warmer Boden. Also wenn das nicht geil zusammen aussieht!?

In this bedroom the flat black wall contrasts with the unfinished wood plank ceiling and the exposed white brick wall. The sisal rug and faux fur throw also add texture to the design.

Running Challenge

Beginner's Running Plan - This plan pretty much details what I would advise people who find it difficult to start running after a long "off-period". Do short intervals or walking and running or jogging.

For those with ADHD, none of these will be quick or easy, but it helps to know what strategies could help. Use the tips to build habits that you can gradually incorporate into your life. Start with learning what you can actually get done in two minutes. Then challenge yourself to stick with a boring task for just 15 minutes. Celebrate small improvements. They really do add up.

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management! I'm sure something helpful can be found here! Leave the rest. 20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management ( although this did not have a "schedule time for Pinterst" option.