THE BEST SUPPLEMENT TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE! Propiedades y beneficios de las bayas de goji para la salud. Ideas y recetas para prepararlas y comerlas.

Best Supplement - Enhance performance!

Different Types of Headaches

Useful guide for massage therapists and self care for headache massage. Use in combination with hot and cold stones and Clear My Head Ache massage oils to get fast relief!

Acetaminophen vs. ibuprofen (infographic)

ibuprofen (infographic): Learning when to take one over the other can help you get quicker results.

11 Most Natural Powerful Antibiotics

How To Make Juicing for Health A Daily Habit

11 Most Natural Powerful Antibiotics. This isn't old wives tales, next time you get a cut or scratch put some honey on it and cover. I promise it'll heal in double time!

VITAMIN "B" Complex... What each "B" vitamin Combination DOES for your BODY

Ever wonder the health benefits of the various Vitamin B's? This infographic explains what they are good for and shows symptoms of vitamin b deficiency. Vegie mite on toast every morn',keep cold soar at bay .

Drug Interactions

Dangerous drug interactions - pinning for the tip about birth control. If taking antibiotics, the effects of birth control might be reduced, so use an additional method while on antibiotics.

Negative. Tea Has Caffeine In It Which Makes Your Cramps Worse & So Does Chocolate ‍♀️

Tea Has Caffeine In It Which Makes Your Cramps Worse & So Does Chocolate ‍♀️

This cap provides 100% all-natural #migrane & headache relief and is uniquely designed to relieve your tension.

Herbal Concepts Hot/Cold Sinus & Migraine Cap with Eye Mask

All-natural migraine and headache relief in a soothing cap, uniquely designed to relieve your tension.