It's true love.

My dream ring. Everything about this is gorgeous and I don't even want a diamond.


gold with traces of black enamel has seven mirror-backed facetted glass pastes. these 'vauxhall pastes' were flat-backed glass paste gems whose facetted surface was reflected in the mirrored back giving an illusion of depth.

Set the Serene Swimsuit Top in Emerald | Mod Retro Vintage Bathing Suits |

Set the Serene Swimsuit Bottom in Emerald. A lagoon is the perfect cool-off spot, and today youre lounging on the shore in this patterned swimsuit bottom!

Ms. DVT...Dita Von Teese

The Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

hair inspo Another fashion icon - Dita Von Teese in emerald green. Beautiful dress style for bridesmaids.

1940s Floral Two-Tone Diamond Solitaire.

Floral Two-Tone Diamond Solitaire. Exactly the sort of fancy ring I want. My mom's wedding ring is floral engraved, and this is gold and silver so it goes with everything!

I Still love doll houses

This doll house was built by Paul Cumbie in modeled exactly on the Vanderbilt mansion at 660 Ave, New York. Incidentally, I’ve just learned that the first doll house on record was.