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A white tiger with baby cub. The white tiger is not an albino as they simply carry a pigment that makes their fur white. White tigers are not easily hidden and have to work harder for their food. The white tiger is primarily found in India.

"♥" Tigre com reflexo de Urso "♥"

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Beautiful-wildlife: Tiger by Robert Cinega It's probably one of the most beautiful animals in the nature.

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Hangin' in there. Frogs "waiting for a friend" by Ellena Susanti

And wouldn't you know it.. Anansi did just that as soon as Elephant couldn't stand the heat anymore. He slowly made his way down to the melon. He used that thorn to dig a hole, and squeeeeezzzeed inside. He ate and ate and ate and ate until he was as round berry.

Orange fruits and vegetables are filled with carotenoids that give them color. (Carotenoids also repair DNA and help prevent cancer and heart disease.

アケビ/通草/木通/Akebi/Akebiae Caulis/Fruit of akebia ☆☆☆Now that is a versatile fruit! Akebi is a mysterious and beautiful fruit native to the north of Japan. The translucent white flesh inside, filled with countless white capped shiny black seeds is eaten as fruit. The purple pod can be cooked and eaten as well, but like a vegetable, not a fruit!

This brilliantly purple fruit thrives in northern Japan, in the Tohoku area, but only briefly, making an appearance for about two weeks in early autumn

ameixa (ameixa de inverno)

Nespoli - my favorite fruit from Sicily! fresh from the tree on my uncles farm.