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Older Clementine

BembiAnn artist : Keep that hair short by Bembiann “- Keep that...


Jane The Walking Dead Game by RayCry on deviantART

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_Juice_Box_ on

Bonnie in comic book art style

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Oh my darlin'...

Oh my darlin'... by Ordoveci on deviantART

Mark and Duck

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versatility is not overrated

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Got a couple of requests for these so I put them up on Redbubble: A New Day Poster Starved For Help Poster Long Road Ahead Poster Around Every Corner Poster No Time Left Poster Season 2 Posters coming...

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Sing that shit Kenny!!!! XD

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ok i HAD to draw clementine in her warm puffy rainbow before telltale stomps in and makes everything sad forever

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"I can see a resemblance."

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I love the walking dead season 2!!

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my darlin' clementine

my darlin' clementine by Riizu-chii on deviantART

Don't Let Go Lee...

[TWDG] Don't Let Go Lee... by Hae-Hyun on deviantART

Clementine by Papplier

Clementine by Papplier on deviantART

I miss you Clemmy Cloo. :'(

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Clem and Sarah, BFFs

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TWDG - Clementine

TWDG - Clementine by CloudBrownie on deviantART

My first attempt at drawing Clementine

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clem and sam

clem and sam by Bisparulz on deviantART

Omid the II

Omid the II by KumoNoKuni on deviantART

Lee and Clem

Lee and Clem by spicyroll on deviantART

Against the tide we struggle

Against the tide we struggle by SnuffyMcSnuff on deviantART