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    Katie Tucker

    Katie Tucker

    Christian Louboutin with ONLY $145.00,any and all reasons to receive a gift! #christian #louboutin #gift #heels

    Just wow

    Yes. Perfection. I love it.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Misha Collins

    Firefly references on Castle. Click through for gif. This was posted with the line "i may not be over it but i will never be as not over it as nathan fillion is."


    Oh, I just LOVE this show!

    Do not read this if you can't handle emotionally unstable feels

    "That Joss Whedon show." - Yeah Nathan that was a pretty good one. The movie based on that show was pretty good too. Lol classic.

    Tom and his Shakespeare :)

    And in this moment, Sam regrets letting Cas watch Mean Girls.

    Sherlock moved John's chair because he couldn't stand it being empty. Awwww!