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Are you dealing with soil that is high in clay or sand? Most gardeners need to amend soil to improve it, and here are some of my favorite organic soil amendments that can help.

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Want to Be a Micro-Farmer? 6 Tips for Success

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By late summer, our edible gardens can look a little-shall we say-untidy. Before planting a fall garden, you'll have to tidy up the summer garden to make room. Here's how I prepare my beds for a fall garden.

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When we think of growing food for our family right outside our door, there are all kinds of excuses that can crop up to stop us in our tracks. Here are five myths about micro-farming that can keep you from reaching your goal.

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The Permaculture Yard Class was an opportunity to take a guided tour of our micro-farm and learn about the ways in which we used permaculture design to improve efficiency and yield. In this post, we'll review the day in pictures.

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The sprawling suburbs are the bane of any good environmentalist's existence. With wide expanses of lawns and roads, they represent American consumerism to a T. Is it possible to rebuild the fabric of a functional culture? Follow my challenge to create a suburban community garden and help to rebuild a sense of community.

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