I love these lace socks for heels

New style ideas. Lacy socks with close toe heels.So CUTE!

tutus and heels

Tutus and heels - fun bachelorette party idea! Tutus are the best thing in the world, everyone should incorporate them into their weddings

1 corinthians 13 toms!! Yes please!!

The Ellie - TOMS Shoes Fuscia and Cream Custom TOMS

1 Corinthians 13 toms, and the other shoe has the lyrics to "Your Love Never Fails". I want these sooooooo bad!


tiffany blue shoes under your wedding dress? That covers your something blue and something new!


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Pink Rhinestone Heels!

Im not a shoes girl, but if I could wear heels this high, I would SO own these. Pink and sparkly. Im in LOVE! things-i-like-love-want

Glitter heels

Okay, I have no idea where I would ever wear these shoes, but I love the studs, spikes, & sparkle!

Silver Heels

Disco ball shoes perfect for new year's eve or any sparkly occasion, really!

Spiked Heels

D.I.Y. Sexy Spikey Pumps (High Heels)

Sexy Spikey Pumps (High Heels) Ok I would do something other then the spikes lol I would end up cutting myself lol