Ice Castle, Utah.

Midway, Utah Ice Castle are beautiful creations made entirely out of icicles. There is no supporting substructure. The beauty of the Ice Castle lies in its organic, ever-evolving nature. Its fascinating ice formations are dynamic.This year they will be at

headboard to bench~

Headboard Bench

Another repurposed bed into bench idea, this one uses the footboard as well as part of another headboard. True trash into treasure.

Polar Bear With Whale Bone    Photograph by Florian Schulz

"There are millions of animal species but man is the only animal capable of destroying them all." -Anthony Douglas Williams/Inside the Divine Pattern

Frozen spider web

Funny pictures about Frozen spiderweb. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen spiderweb. Also, Frozen spiderweb photos.

If only I could sleep this soundly :-)

Polar Bear Sleeps Soundly Photograph by Flip Nicklin A sleeping polar bear looks adorable, but beware! With no natural enemies, polar bears are at the top of the Arctic food chain. They are fearless, and will readily attack humans.

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