DIY Sign

Cheater Method: How to Make a DIY Sign

Favourite water brush lettering YouTube tutorials for beginners. Interested in learning brush lettering? These free videos show you the basics using a water brush. by jaxson

Learn brush lettering with these brilliant free video tutorials! These videos show you how to get started with a water brush.

In order to really see a definable style emerge as you begin playing with brush pens, you need to master this one brush lettering technique. What's great is that it is super simple!

The Brush Lettering Technique That Can Instantly Improve Your Writing

After only playing with brush pens for a few weeks, I have improved leaps and bounds using this one simple brush lettering technique!

By far, the best tutorial I have seen on walking you from start to finish on subway art. Wonder what the cut settings are for contact paper???

Painted Therapy: Subway Art with the Silhouette Cameo and contact paper - great tutorial on making signs with vinyl and paint!

How to do Modern Brush Calligraphy with a Crayola Marker Tutorial

Watch me talk through how you can use a regular Crayola marker just like a brush pen to write modern calligraphy. Can we just ignore the heavy breathing and .