Learning with Tape: 2013 Algebra 2 Pages - Interactive Notebook Pages High School Math - Binomial Expansion Using Pascal's Triangle on a Sentence Strip

As promised, my Algebra 2 pages: Sets of Real Numbers: Frayer models for vocab here . Graphic Organizer at Math=Love .

Model equations (Algebra Tiles site)

Algebra Tiles Interactive We did this in class to see a different and technological way students can understand algebra tiles.

Algebra Tiles

Facts you should know about Social networking sites on World Social Media Day 2014

Learn Math Fast review and how it works for a homeschooling family with multiple ages.

Ohio Homeschool Assessments: Book Give-Away and Why Can’t My Child Learn Multiply

Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math

This may not be used in science as much, but great for collaboration projects with math. No need to buy an expensive set.

Donald Duck: Mathmagic land (DISNEY) - YouTube

Donald Duck: Mathmagic land (DISNEY) A beautiful explanation of how mathematics and art coincide.

Prealgebra 1 - Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving, Prealgebra Textbook, Horrible Books Horrible series Myrderous maths etc Us supplier


Mastering Algebra John Saxon's Way: Algebra or Edition DVD Set

Intermediate Algebra Within Reach | Easy Access Study Guide

Intermediate Algebra Within Reach