You don't have to wait until you are an adult to do serious scientific research #geniushour #STEM

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Beau Lotto and Amy O’Toole

Be Together. Not the Same. A series of Android videos that have a great message! #inspiration #LIM

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Rock, Paper, and Scissors – Can They Be Friends?

Class Dojo's "Magic of Mistakes" video teaches Ss about #growthmindset

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The Magic of Mistakes

Kid President asks what we can do to upgrade our world #DoGreatThings #elemed #geniushour

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Upgrade Your World

Playing For Change Video “Celebration” via @larryferlazzo #inspiration #edchat

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Celebration | Songs Around The World

What if All the Action Heroes Were Girls? | Engage Their Minds #smrtgrls #STEM #STEAM

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What if all the action heroes were girls? | Girls Action Figure Montage | GoldieBlox & Ruby Rails

From Service Dog to SURFice Dog - #inspiration about maximizing talents #edchat #gtchat

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From Service Dog to SURFice Dog

Keep Moving Forward! - YouTube

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Keep Moving Forward!

When I Grow Up #mindset #inspiration #growthmindset #parenting

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When I Grow Up

"Star Stuff" - an inspirational video based on the life of Carl Sagan. #STEM #STEAM #makered

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Star Stuff

Bridge #inspiration #collaboration #mindset #growthmindset

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Be sure to stick with it ... So inspiring when it reverses!!!

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0-100: Change the World - YouTube

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0-100: Change the World

Mirrors for Morale passed out by two middle school girls

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Super Stellar Reply To Girl's Question About Learning Disabilities

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This Movie Theater PSA Is Inspiring Kids To Become Teachers

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Graduation Inspiration - Videos to show your students before they continue their journeys #inspiration #edchat

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Graduation Inspiration

A Graduation Message from Kid President | Engage Their Minds #inspiration

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Dear Graduates - A Message From Kid President

from "Jane Goodall on Instinct" #inspiration

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Jane Goodall on Instinct

What would it be like to have a world without barriers? #inspiration

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Town Secretly Learns Sign Language To Surprise Deaf Neighbor (WATCH) - The Good News Network

Your #ScienceWoman Heroes - #STEM #STEAM #edtech #inspiration #smrtgrls

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Your #ScienceWoman Heroes

The Collective Project: Let Your Voice Be Heard #inspiration

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The Collective Project: Let Your Voice Be Heard

You've Built 200 Schools - Something to Believe In via @TerSonya #inspiration

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A fascinating clip from the BBC nature show Life Story somehow seems like a life lesson #inspiration

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Hermit Crabs Form Orderly Lines to Upgrade to Bigger Shells, Giving Their Old Shells to a Crab in Need

Barbara Beskind inspires & reminds us that all gifts should be honored an encouraged! #STEM #edchat #inspiration #smrtgrls

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'Age is not a barrier': Woman, 91, lands dream job in Silicon Valley