Stole this from Nelda. Reminded me of our situation at the drive through window one day! "I'd like a happy meal with a boy toy.OH, I mean a toy.for a boy.

Cute sign reminds everyone to watch their "Ps & Qs" . well, not so much of the later, but you get the idea.

Silly road signs around the world: Keep right - or left? Does this sign want us to keep left or right?

Would love to put this up at work in the lounge since my "if you are the last one to leave please turn off lights" sign doesnt work!

Why Do We Ignore Safety and Warning Signs – Sometimes With Tragic Results? We have all seen and had a chuckle at “Caution This Sign Has Sharp Edges” with the very fine print: “also, the bridge is out ahead”. We […]

The sign requests that hikers & bikers move to the side of the road when a vehicle approaches.I don't think I'd be hiking and/or biking here to begin with!(there are alligators {or maybe crocodiles} lying on the banks of the swamp)

wash & vacuum senior citizens -little expensive for a bath I'd say LOL