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    Number facts with TES iboard
    Interactive resources to support students knowledge and use of number facts
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    Number Cards: A number cards activity for making addition and subtraction problems

    Make calculations using numbers from 1 to 20. Pupils can explore number relationships by making their own calculations. Select a number from 1 to 20 and click to make a tile for the number sentence.

    Add two numbers by rolling the dice. Double the dice ... or add to 10 or 12. Can be played with or without a time limit. For an alternative game with numbers rather than dots, try playing 'Adding Two Dice - Numbers Version'.

    A game of snap for matching numbers to the dice. Roll the dice and hit "snap" when the dice total matches the target. Hit "pass" if another roll is needed.

    Bee Swarms: A simple activity for adding using bees.

    A counting and adding activity for reaching target totals. Set target totals on each vase using the drop downs. Ask pupils to suggest addition pairs that will make the target total for each vase. Can you make the same total in different ways Alternatively place one flower in the vase and ask pupils what is needed to make up the total. Ask pupils to say the sum that they have created.

    Find the missing numbers to reach a target number in the allotted time. Set the target to 10 and see how many sums pupils can complete correctly in a minute. Great to practise speedy recall of number bonds. Also, try playing as a class game, with challengers from teams playing at the whiteboard with their team-mates giving advice.

    Find all the pairs totalling 10. A simple warm up game, to find all the pairs to 10 as quickly as possible.

    Add two numbers by rolling the dice. The Adding Two Dice version of this game uses dice with spots. Double the dice ... or add to 10 or 12. Can be played with or without a time limit.

    Reinforce number bonds to 10. To reinforce number bonds to 10, ask pupils to find the ladybirds that add together to make 10 spots in total.