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Pancake Day

A selection of teaching resources and ideas for you to use with your class around pancake day / Shrove Tuesday. Got something you think we should pin? Please email
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Free TESiboard resource for Pancake Day to support instructional writing

TES iboard: Activity - Making a Pancake - Presentation

A selection of simple resources to support Pancake day within the classroom. Activities for basic number work and letter work plus a writing frame and items for display

Pancake day Resource Collection - Resources - TES

Pfannkuchen - Pfannkuchen PowerPoint with a range of related activities.

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Les crêpes - Try this versatile PowerPoint for a range of Mardi Gras activities.

Les crêpes

Pancakes! - A PowerPoint containing information about how pancakes are served around the world, healthy options, recipe, equipment and method.

Pancakes! - Resources - TES

Design a pancake - A quick PowerPoint presentation with a short description of what Shrove Tuesday is.

Design a pancake with info about pancake day

Pancake day in Germany - A video on pancake day in Germany.

Pancake day in Germany

The Big Pancake - An electronic version of The Big Pancake suitable for playing through an interactive whiteboard.

The Big Pancake - Resources - TES

The Thick Fat Pancake - Traditional tale The Thick Fat Pancake

The thick fat pancake

Pancake Day Crossword - Use this puzzle activity from the Encyclopaedia Britannica to learn about Pancake Day.

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Pancake Day Quiz - Use this puzzle activity from the Encyclopaedia Britannica to learn about Pancake Day.

Pancake Day Quiz - Resources - TES

Pancake day facts - Try this memory test to get pupils to remember facts about Pancake Day.

Pancake Day - Resources - TES

Pancake Day Resources - Selection of activities, including rhymes, role play signs and playdough mats.

Pancake Day Resources - Resources - TES

Shrove Tuesday Activities - A collection of activities for children all about Shrove Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday Activities - Resources - TES

Lent - Into the Wilderness assembly - A PowerPoint designed to encourage pupils to think about the story and message of Lent.

Lent - Into the Wilderness

Lent & Shrove Tuesday - A simple PowerPoint to help explain about Lent and Pancake day.

Lent & Shrove Tuesday - Resources - TES

Assembly for Shrove Tuesday - An assembly for the Whole school to explore the meaning of Pancake day and Lent.

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Pancake Day Assembly - An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to celebrate Pancake Day.

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Maths: grid method and pancake day - Test grid method skills by using existing knowledge to complete the recipe card.

Maths: grid method and pancake day! - Resources - TES

Numeracy - Money - Pancake toppings - Numeracy activity involving money linked to pancake day.

Numeracy - Money - Pancake toppings - Resources - TES

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day Maths - Use this pancake recipe to teach and develop a variety of maths skills.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day Maths - Resources - TES