By Julian Beever – In Chile.

StreetArt, Sidewalk Art - Pavement Drawing by Julian Beever, Chile - Ferris Wheel painted just in front of a park bench. looks like the rider is going for an "unpleasant ending to the ride!

Edgar Müller sidewalk 3D art is nuts! Lots more in the link.

Chalk Art, West Dock, England photo and art by edgar mueller Illusions Street Art 1 Street art Amazing Art Collection

3D Chalk Art - Julian Beever

This drawing of a Monarch Butterfly in Mexico City incorporates the yearly migration of butterflies that travel through Mexico.

Street Art

bytaken in chiang_mai of thailand-lips-mouth-drugs-pill-floor-depth-recycle-teeth-tongue

3D Chalk Art - wow, das reicht heute Abend für alle !

Chalk artist Julian Beever created this street drawing of a bottle of Ballantine’s Scotch whisky “leaving an impression”.

Work by 3D sidewalk artist, Edgar Mueller

The 5 Most Talented 3D Sidewalk Artists

Amazing Art Collection 400 awesome craft ideas to do with your kids this Christmas! Amazing Street Art of Edgar Mueller Pics)

Totally amazing

Used to play with chalk as a kid? Now imagine chalk drawing illusions! Here's a collection of only the very best chalk drawings.

Julian Beever Sidewalk Art. Amazing artist, beautiful drawings.

the beautiful chalk art of Julian Beever. Julian is famous for his incredible chalk art he draws in the streets. It is carefully drawn at incredible angles so that when the viewer stands in front of it, the art looks like it jumps off the street comp

Sidewalk art in Germany.

Sidewalk art in Germany

flying carpet ride Flying Carpet, Side Walk Chalk Art, Germany photo and art by kurtwenner.

Edgar Mueller

Oh yes a large cup of Coffee. These sidewalk paintings are created by the absolute master of street chalk art - Manfred Stader.

Chalk art

In the world of today, everything has to be Even random chalk drawings. Artists like Kurt Wenner continuosly MC Echer everyone with their drawings


British artist Joe Hill created the world’s largest and longest anamorphic street painting in the Canary Wharf district of London back in November of The square foot painting was sponsored by Reebok CrossFit and it took seven days to create it.

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art: 4 of the World’s Most Talented Street Artists | DeMilked

Street painting, also known as pavement art, chalk art, and sidewalk art, is the performance art of rendering original and non-original artistic designs on

Ad for White out

FedEx Kinko’s ad featuring giant office supplies including whiteout fluid, highlighters and an office lamp

23 Outstanding Sidewalk Chalk 3D Images

Side Walk Illusions -The shark is a little impressive but it is the implied motion of the bricks flying at you that really make this picture “pop out” at you. The texture and “movement” of this piece of sidewalk is impressive.