Translation, Rotation, Reflection

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Partitioning Shapes Practice Freebie!This common core third grade partitioning shapes freebie has one practice sheet where students apply their knowledge of parts of a whole. It can be used as classwork, homework, or as an assessment tool. This is a sample page from my Partitioning Shapes Practice Worksheets Geometry (Bundle)This freebie and my bundle are a great way to help students get the practice they need!

Partitioning Shapes Practice Worksheet - Geometry (Freebie)

With this flipchart, your students will be able to identify figures that have been flipped, slid, or turned. This flipchart lesson contains twenty nine pages of colorful graphics, activities, games, and voting. Students will learn all about flips, slides, and turns, manipulate shapes, and play games during this flipchart lesson.

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Flips, Slides, and Turns Promethean Flipchart Lesson

Teaching Madness: Flip, Slide, Turn

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Teaching in 220: Search results for flip

Awesome Flip, Turn, Slide Dance!

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Interactive transformations foldable for math. You can use a paper clip to help for translation (slide), a piece of tape to reflect your shape (flip), and a brad so your shape can rotate (turn).

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This FREE activity was created for my fourth graders. The students still remembered the terms slide, turn, and flip from 3rd grade. We just had to ...

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Transformations Activity: FREEBIE!

Visual Representation of slide, turn, and flip

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FREE: Flip, Slide, Turn, Congruent word wall words

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Flip, Slide, Turn, Congruent Word Wall

very clever idea for slide flip turn

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The Lemonade Stand

Slide, turn, flip interactive game

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Slide, Flip, and Turn hall display using hand prints.

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2nd Grade Sleuths: Geometry and a Freebie

Flip slide turn sort

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A Class Act: On "sort" of a roll and 100 FINALLY!!

flip slide turn

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flipslideturn / FrontPage

flip, slide, turn

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flip, turn, slide

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Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs: December 2010

Slide- Flip- Turn

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slide, flip, turn

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flip turn slide

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2nd Grade Shenanigans

tranSLation (slide) roTation (turn)

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Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Math Notebooks

slide/flip/rotation activity

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