Italy - Emilia Romagna - Bologna - Bologna under the snow - Bici a Bologna.When I was in Bologna it snowed.

1919 Excelsior

1919 Excelsior 61 cu/in SOHC V-twin board track racer. Was based heavily on the Cyclone 61 cu/in SOHC V-twin board track racer from ~ 1911

Harley Davidson

Fred Ludlow was a top board track motorcycle racer of the who made the transition to the dirt track. Ludlow’s greatest accomplishment came in September of when he won five national championships at the M&ATA finale on the dirt mile at Syracuse, New York.

1934 BMW R7

1934 BMW R7

Vintage 1934 Art Deco BMW R 7 prototype that was never put into was discovered in a shed in a BEAUTIFUL bike!

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