Signs and symptoms of PCOS. So many of us are told its all in our heads! (I was! In fact my former dr told me to see a shrink!)

Be aware of your body and the signs it gives you. Know your normal and fight to make it better. Don't let PCOS define you, you define PCOS.

PCOS Snackies!

Texas Health Moms: PCOS Meal Plan and Snacks chart - 7 days of meals Herbalife shakes Herbalife Herbalifers Herbalifer:

Guide to Insulin Resistance | If a term like insulin resistance doesn’t mean much to you, you’re likely to tune out the message surrounding it. You don’t need to be a Diabetologist or Endocrinologist to understand the fundamentals of insulin resistance. In fact, if you do understand the fundamentals of this condition, it’s more likely you’ll go out of your way to steer clear of it.

The Amateur's Guide to Insulin Resistance

Better Care for Type 1 Diabetes Patients. Insulin pumps with blood sugar sensors might reduce the frequency of low blood sugar events.

PCOS. very well said!!!!!

I was blessed to have my two girls despite the pcos, but the rest is definitely true.

love this! PCOS tattoo idea

As much as I love anchors I realized this makes no sense. Aren't anchors supposed to sink? So how does an anchor represent refusing to sink? But I totally love this color and anchor!

Infertility In Your 20s: Getting Diagnosed When You Should Be In Your 'Fertility Peak' {article} "Infertility at any age is difficult, but I do hold a special weakness in my heart for people in their 20s. That's true infertility, when your body fails you at an age when you should be able to get pregnant."

Young And Infertile ... Now What?

Infertility in your is a reality for many young women. Huffington Post article "Infertility In Your Getting Diagnosed When You Should Be In Your 'Fertility Peak' ".

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