Miniature Schnauzer chasing bubbles - my Rhodesian Ridgeback Molly LOVES to do this on our deck, so hilarious! She even has some chicken flavored bubbles, that smell like the real deal.

This giant Schnauzer in Australia helps children to walk as he does his hospital rounds. Love his ID.

Someone call the dog-tor: The giant Schnauzer who helps children to walk as he does his hospital rounds

Ralf the giant Schnauzer helps children walk as he does his hospital round in Australia. Dogs are the best!

hello, I am a schnauzer puppy and I'm pretty darned cute...

Well hi everyone! My name is Root Beer and I'm the newest member of the Magpie family. I'm an 8 week old miniature Schnauzer who likes to chew on toes, go for long walks on

Miniature Schnauzer by Terry

I can almost reach it. Miniature Schnauzer dog art portraits,photographs,information and just plain fun by artist Kline.

Bobby - Miniature Schnauzer

Y u holding me down yeah im scared im a peacock let me fly lol