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    Moose - 19hh of Percheron. 19!

    Horse of the Month

    Always been fascinated with Norwegian Fjord horses

    Alles over het Fjordenpaard. -

    Belgian Brabants- just love the bulky muscles on there gental giants

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    Cream Colored Ponies

    Suffolk punch at the Norfolk Show, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

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    .Harness draft carriage horse equine Clydesdale Percheron Shire Hafflinger Gypsy Vanner Cob

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    Beautiful nature

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    Clydesdale Stallion Service - Admiral's Edward of Greenwood Clydesdale Stallion Service - Admiral's Edward of Greenwood

    Mama & Foal... . Beautiful! Please check out my website, too.

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    Akhal-Teke horse with it's ancient, exotic look. They are the secret treasure of Turkmenistan!

    Ахалтекинская - фотографии

    The Akhal-Teke is also known as the "gift from the desert" and it was bred for its stamina and speed. It was used by Turkmen nomads. The Akhal-Teke can withstand conditions and certain situations such as going long periods of time without food and water unlike other breeds.This breed of horse is known for its sensitive nature and for its propensity for forming strong attachments to their owners. Today in modern Russia, owning an Akhal-Teke is a sign of wealth.

    Mersi - Farm stud DACOR

    Horses - Black and white Tobiano stallion - from Goodshapes Barock Pintos

    Goodshapes Barock Pintos

    Akhal-Teke Men are generally more careful of the Breed of their Horses and Dogs than of their Children. ~William Penn, Fruits of Solitude

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    beautiful horse

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    Big clidstayels

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    Pretty Percheron mule team.

    More Mules For Sale

    mom i found what i want for christmas!

    Winter Is Coming


    Twin Dreams Farm Percheron Draft Horses, Barnesville, Georgia

    An incredible photo!! “Marwari in the dark - India, 2010” © Astrid Harrisson Photography


    Suffolk Punch - the oldest existing pure breed of draught horse to have originated in England. Noticeable differences from other breeds are the lack of feathering on the heels and the color which is described as "chesnut" - without the t. Listed as "critical" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

    Ozark Agriculture Class


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    * Enzo; 1999 chestnut Arabian stallion

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    Comico IV, a PRE stallion. Tested to be bay and heterozygous gray, but also claimed to be a rabicano. However, despite the gray gene this stallion is not graying, in this picture it is more than 10 years old. Something suppresses the gray gene. Rabicano doesn't usually make this kind of pattern, but it has some gray hairs on the tail so rabicano can't be ruled out. Some claim Comico is sabino, too, but I'm not sure.

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    Belgian Draft....biggest horse ever. This is like a dinosaur. It could swallow you in 5 seconds. I feel like I would never touch it let alone get all cozy under its 8000 lb head. woah.

    A Big Hug - The Meta Picture