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Science in my Holidays

Science in my Holidays

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Drink being cooled by dry ice! The Carbon Dioxide sublimates when in contact with the drink in the small cup because the boiling temperature of CO2 is -57 degrees Celsius, but the drink is roughly 20 degrees.

  • Zoe Chater
    Zoe Chater

    Yum yum!

Bizzare mix of energy change renewable energy. Via @DanielHarvey9

Boat made entirely of recycled materials shows sustainable living/development. The base is made out of used wooden barrels. It has then been layered with planks of wood with second hand wooden chairs nailed into place. Can also link with biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. Via @BananaVsBrain

  • tes Science
    tes Science

    The description was so detailed that I need to add a comment to fit it! "...The Boat is keeping afloat because the water is pushing upwards on it (up thrust) and the weight of the boat is pushing downwards, however they balance. The water is presenting the boat with resistance slowing it down, however the force of the oars pushing is greater than the resistance force and therefore the boat moves forwards. The less passengers there are, the greater the forward movement or acceleration because mass affects the force; f=ma. This can lead to discussions on how the design of the boat can be improved to make it more efficient and better suited for its role."

I was trying to fill the roof top box for holiday and my daughter decided it would be good fun to climb in the top box. She got electrostatic-ally charged by friction. Sent by Neal Gupta.

Fossilised shark's teeth (with pen lid for scale), collected from a Florida beach. Via @Ange_K1

Apollo 13! Via @Ange_K1

Why is this plane famous? Via @Ange_K1

Shadows are formed when opaque objects block the light. This picture also shows that the image is a proportionate representation of the object because light 'travels in a straight line'. The picture was taken when the sun was setting in summer time but the same conditions can be met earlier in winter time. Sent by Jay Hurry.

Can I suggest this for a holiday science photo?? From Bournemouth Air Fest. Well, we've got forces, speed, momentum, distance, materials, light rays. Via @danielharvey9

My friend Lisa and the Eden Project domes/biomes. Hexagons tessellate. Pentagons interspersed in the structure make it curve. Via @Gwenelope

A very blurry corsa being flipped over... forces? Via @MrsDrSarah

You can see a bee on the sunflower! Bees can pollinate plants while th @ Tyntesfield House (NT). Via @hrogerson

Use ideas about colour and light to explain the shadows in a hotel bathroom. Via @MaryUYSEG

Some great #scienceinmyhols tonight - flame tests on the camp fire! You can buy little packs of chemicals specifically designed for chucking in fires! Assume they have some Cu, K etc compounds in. We also had some painted pallets which produced coloured flames too. Provoked good chem discussion from non-scientists & kids. Via @MrsDrSarah

Nice display of sources of energy at the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

how do black leaves photosynthesise? At Dunster Castle. Via @MaryUYSEG

  • tes Science
    tes Science

    @damianainscough replied "by absorbing the same as green ones, and more?"

Can you see Fibonacci here? Via @MaryUYSEG

An unusual optical effect in Corfu this summer caused by reflection and refraction of light by ice crystals. Via @amydameyduck

Squirrel eating a nut on a tree branch. What features make it adapted to living in woods?

Magnificent rainbow over the M5 this morning.

Root system exposed by this fallen tree in Heath Park, Cardiff. Spreading the roots over a large area helps the three to gain better balance, not very effective in this case ;-), and to maximise the amount of water absorbed from the soil.

Reflections at Baddesley Clinton of the moated manor. Via @sarahwhiuk

The 'Principle of Moments' nicely displayed at @techniquest in Cardiff!

Did stone age people use pulleys and levers to raise Stonehenge? A class project perhaps? Via @DrDav

Hand-powered scalextric at @techniquest in Cardiff! The dynamo uses the kinetic energy from the handle to generate electrical energy by electromagnetic induction.