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Which Middle-Earth Character Are You? I'm an Ent!

I'm impressed that their horse didn't spook at their costume. My horse would be terrified of it and spook.

Hey I'm Sauron and I'm your waiter today

Hey I'm Sauron and I'm your waiter today . Browse new photos about Hey I'm Sauron and I'm your waiter today . Most Awesome Funny Photos Everyday!

I don't know which board to put this in, cause I have a LOTR board and a Pirates board!

Pirates or the Carribean meets Lord of the Rings. Either way more Orlando Bloom

That downside, though.

Loving when Orlando teases John and not getting over the Dwarf-Elf stuff

The only thing stranger than Stranger Things is s 2005 wardrobe Sean Astin e》 ts called fashion sweetie look it up 9270 6270 - Funny Memes

Oh my ocelots.this is funny and great.I mean this whole paragraph on McDonald's fries and it turns out Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn, said that.

My life in a flow chart. It's always time for Lord of the Rings!

Awesome Tumblr 900

Jed Brophy everywhere, The Hobbit << shouldn't it be "fellowship of Jed Brophy"?

If I had a replica, I'd probably pull a Viggo and carry it around with me everywhere.

Stephen Colbert, the biggest LOTR nerd( Yeah, I would do that too.

Dom and Billy's theory on Elijah's blue eyes. HILARIOUS. Emily, this is what I was telling you about. :0)

Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan on Elijah Woods' blue eyes. Is Surprisement even a word, Dom?

If all the Elves had typical elf names. << "Thistle Whistle" though.