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Bag Design Illust Transparent Bags (20 bags)

identity / Santos del Arte

identity / Santos del Arte - by Marcelo Jiménez for Pupila Estudio Really like how the branding extends to their tape and tubes!

Very creative packaging desings

Le packaging malin, packaging 2 en 1 "The Design Business Bottle - Design by Ampro Design" wine packaging

original packaging

great proximity of the label to look like the fruit leaf. The bottle shape it round the mimic the shape of the natural fruit.



Create clever compositions by letting the image determine type placement. 50 Beautifully Illustrated Graphics With Tips To Make You A Better Designer – Design School


green package [dad was telling me sunday about this sawdust/ apple preservation]. combined with my love for box making, a great gift


This is a Japanese James advertising,they use James to draw a Japanese map in the toast. It is claverly to point the slogn “ Japanese morning, Japanese Ja