Super sweet, very "real" backyard space with pavers and fire pit

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Beautiful decorating idea for a backyard firepit. Love the walkway and the lights in the trees. Perfect for a backyard barbeque or a wedding. Beautiful decorating idea for a backyard…

Awesome for the pooches!!!

Doggy deck with an inground pool. I love this! Perfect for a backyard pet area. Doggy deck with an inground pool. I love this! Perfect for a backyard pet area.

Icelandic power lines made to look like Giants.

Travel: Iceland - Land Of Giants, awesome human-like and reindeer-like electric poles!This cool company flawlessly transformed regular and boring electrical pylons into creative parts of the Icelandic landscape." ExPress-O

pathway made from recycled and leftover could do it adding broken china , too - wow!  how cute, so I think I'll be scouring Craigs list for stuff to use.  Wanna do this for the areas between my raised garden beds!

Use old & new bricks, salvaged tiles, broken dishes & other eclectic finds to build a walk that's also a memory the idea of memory path.

Cinder block bench.

Roundup: DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

DIY Cinder Block 'sofa': TI love how this cinderblock sofa almost takes on a kid-like quality. It's like it's built out of legos! I'd probably toss a cushion across the bench seat, but I love the plants organically growing out of the back.

Floor mashup

A good transition to flooring in the kitchen. Mixing tile flooring with wood. A fun and creative take on your living space floor!


Don’t think that bunk beds are only made for kids’ rooms – even adult bedrooms or guest rooms can look amazing with modern bunk beds designs! Bunk beds are perfect space-saving so…