quiet book - Abacus

Why books can't interact with readers? here is an example of DIY books for kids that enable kids to interact with the number and words inside the book. Lets Diy one for your kids, Book

A whole site of different quiet books.

Sassy Sites quiet books - purchase patterns or make your own

* All The Quiet Things: Quiet Book - Boy-- this is adorable, as are her other pages dump truck page

All The Quiet Things: Quiet Book - Boys. Great chunky tyres on the dump truck.

Quiet book for Henry. Love how the fish and whale can "swim"

{Beth's ADORABLE Felt Book for Baby

Puzzle pages for quiet book

Crafty Chic: A Girls Quiet Book The puzzle idea is one of my favorites.


Home quiet book page-another idea I stole when I made the kids airplane tray covers last summer. Unfortunately I didn't make my photos removable from the peekaboo windows and they are already really out of date looking!