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Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards represent a collaboration by American states to set the same goals for student learning. Within the standards, explicit text levels are given across the grades to ensure that high school graduates are college and career ready. Beginning with grades 2-3, target text levels have increased from previous recommendations. TextProject has responded rapidly to this need with research-based resources that will guide and inform educators, parents, and community leaders.
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Text Matters | The Text Complexity Multi-Index (TCMI). The TCMI is a process for matching texts with students. The process attends to all three dimensions that were recommended by the CCSS: (a) quantitative, (b) qualitative, (c) reader-text match.


Understanding the Common Core State Standards » This chapter strives to explain the role and perspective of the newest set of standards, the CCSS, and implications for implementation.


This series of webinars on the Common Core State Standards offers educators the chance to hear from, and talk with experts who served in advisory roles to the CCSS development team. In their webinars, experts will discuss the knowledge base of the original CCSS report, ancillary documents, reports of foundations and policy groups, current implementation projects, and newly published research.


A collection of Freddy's published articles in Reading Today on text complexity and the upcoming assessments.