Telling time

Time Teller Lift and Peek - teaching kids how the clock works.not just for the Elementary classroom.good for teaching kids in general how to read a clock including the 24 hour hours.

Add or Subtract? Freebie

I like this idea and believe I could modify it for my seventh graders learning to add and subtract integers

Free color by number pages for addition facts within 20

Spring Addition Color by Number - Math This could be a great "time-filler" activity to have on hand for students that have finished working. The students would have the opportunity to practice addition and also get to color (do something fun).

Easy tangram challenges for kids (Free)

Easy and fun Tangram challenges for kids (Free) also other geometry ideas from Laura Candler

Freebie...Mental Math Cards  from Teaching 4 real

Mental Math Cards from Teaching 4 real. Students are working on a lot of different number operation skills with this game and this can also be made into a game that goes around the class and each student can have a different card.

place value snake.

Place Value Snake: To help kids understand place value and numbers in expanded form, create a place value snake

FREEBIE - Domino Number

FREEBIE - Domino Number: use magnetic letters on a sheetpan or stamps for pre-k's. You could also use number stickers and get some fine motor in there.

Practice mixed addition and subtraction practice freebie

FREE SAMPLE from my Math "May"hem: May Math Printables ~ Color By The Code Puzzles To Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts If you like this FREE sample puzzle check out the entire unit! Math "May"hem: May Math Printables