Cool cat art from paper towel tubes!

Cardboard tube cats -- great start for making a paper mache cat art piece. I would also add a bit of shaping over the eyes to give it a more cat-like appearance.

Toilet Paper Advent

Toilet Paper Roll Advent --Now THIS is an Advent calender I can make! And get nasty diseases from at the same time! Really people? Toilet paper goes in the BATHROOM, breeding ground for germs and nastiness.

Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

S is for snake. Cardboard tube snakes--awesome for the art studio! easy and cheap (with leftover toilet paper & paper towel tubes) and practices cutting skills and fine motor!

The Old Mine Shaft Marble Slide

step-by-step guide to building an Old Mine Shaft Marble Slide (using tp rolls, paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, glue, and cardboard)!

Toilet paper roll binoculars

2013 Go Tell it on the Mountain VBS DIY Cardboard Tube Binoculars for Kids - W is obsessed with binoculars, and will not hurt much if he drops these!

using toilet paper tubes!

Toilet Roll Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

toilet roll reindeer - happy hooligans - christmas crafts for kids - use construction paper instead of toilet paper rolls

tube people and dollhouse

Toilet paper tubes and an old shoebox