Thainan Rodrigues

Thainan Rodrigues

Thainan Rodrigues
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Post-Punk Dark Knight: Shadowplay by Butcher Billy  On Tumblr

Batman "Ian Curtis-like" signs the blues. (Post-Punk Dark Knight: Shadowplay by Butcher Billy) Love will tear us apart.

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Hypothetical situation if Goku and Vegeta could't find earrings while facing merged Zamasu Supernatural Style

Todos los villanos al descubierto

Harley Quinn, The Riddler, and The Joker are my favorite villains of all time

not a particular fan, but It's like you might imagine, but better

♥ Finn and Ezra cross over//// PAHAHAHA this is NOT a fairy tail (Ezra) and Adventure time (Finn) crossover, it's just their weapons.