Scrapbook Layouts without Photos!

Collection by Rachel Taylor


Do you ever forget to take photos at an event or can't find photos to go with the story you want to tell...well, here's some inspiration!

Rachel Taylor
Scrapbook layout about first day of kindergarten...journaling from Mom to child about the first day of school. Layout without photos...

Photos Not Required (Aug 2011): 'Twas the Night Before | Marie Taylor

Concert tickets layout without photos. Pops orchestra scrapbook layout without photos!

Photos Not Required (Aug 2011): Pops | Paula Gilarde

Air mail themed products. Scrapbook layout about childhood penpals.

Photos Not Required (Aug 2011): Via Air Mail | Vivian Masket

Lessons Learned -

Lessons Learned

Thanks for looking. :) Products from Designer Digitals. KATIE PERTIET: Spider Webs Brushes and Stamps No.01, Glitter Lines Alphabet: October, Halloween Magic Flairs, Halloween Magic Kit, Halloween Magic Solids, Artsy Layered Paints No. 01, Basic Tags

Home improvement scrapbook layout without photos.

Photos Not Required (Aug 2011): Home Improvement Angst | Celeste Smith