Cocaine Candy used to be legal

☤ MD ☞ ☆☆☆ "Cocaine Candy, Guaranteed to Deaden That Sweet Tooth" Vintage Metal Sign.

Old west prostitutes | 1000x1000.jpg


Because growing and smoking marijuana with your daughter is a good idea! O.o Weird Vintage Ads 8

Weird Vintage Ads 8 Mother and Daughter, We'll have lots to smoke this winter won't we Mother? Are they talking about cannabis marijuana? back in the old days, hmm .

Aaaahahahah what!!?? They advertised this!!??

Every girl loves a Big Boner! This firm is still going as Boner Billy - I checked their website!

Vintage+Ads+What+Were+They+Thinking | What were they thinking? | Vintage ads

Vintage ad Celery nature's toothbrush, for your color, If that doesn't make you crave some celery I don't know what will. Vintage ad for celery.

Lot 6 Vintage Speed Glaze Mac's Car Wax Pinup Adv Blue Single Swap Playing Card | eBay

Don't wax it - Mac's it ! Ps she just got a bikini WAX too ‼️

O.O ...BAAHAHAAA!!! Cigarette Holder for Nudists (Jan, 1938).

Background info article on NYC nudists - Good to know in case you decide to become a nudist and start smoking

Personally, my mother always told me to wear clean underwear in case I got hit by a car. I'm sure "pretty" was implied too.

mademoiselle March Hmmm my mom just told me to wear clean underwear. This is a seriously messed up ad. Yes, clean underwear in case you got in an accident.

Vintage advertisement (notice the illuminati eye, this was way before people even knew what that meant)

betype: “Laudanum is a condensed serif display typeface inspired by century posters. Designed by Carl Rylatt Uppercase Small caps Numbers Special characters Now Available at .

Politically Incorrect Old Adverts

What young girl wouldn't feel better about herself if she wore Chubbettes? Yes, this was a real clothing line in the and for "bigger" girls. A girl's body Image problems started early.

pub cigarette Marlboro - Insane !

When was the last time you saw a baby pitch cigarettes? Before cigarette smoking was determined to cause lung and other types of cance.